Expiration Date

  • This is the first part of a several part short story

Peep the cemetery in the background

Everybody is crazy. If there’s one thing you learn in life it should be that. No matter how perfect people appear to be, everyone’s got something they’re hiding and something they’re not proud of.


I know i’m crazy, but there’s always a reason behind my insanity. Most people don’t even have that. Yes, everyone has problems in their life, but the people who hurt you do things you’ll never understand. You have to know you can’t comprehend crazy unless you go a little crazy. When I lose a person in my life who was very close to me, I always wonder why. I ask myself, “Why did they leave? What did I do?” I know I haven’t done anything but — “be the best me I could be”, but that doesn’t make it any easier to digest the pain. I still wanted to know why, but everytime I asked they couldn’t give me a straight forward answer. All the reasons you said that you left would change each time I talked to you, but they would never be bad enough to want to hurt me.


Stop asking why! I can’t ask why anymore. I can’t sit and wonder anymore. I can’t be sad about things that are completely insane and don’t make any sense. I didn’t do anything to any of you, but you all still found an excuse to make it ok to hurt me.


I got tired of sitting back and letting people hurt me, so I took action. You weren’t the only one to hurt me, but you were the last straw. This is the story of how I killed my boyfriend and got away with it… oops


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