The Deterioration of a Bastard

This is the third part of a short story. Read part one and two under this post.

New post Saturday, May 28th




I had one friend who was always in and out of my life, but every time we talked it was like we’d never stopped talking. Her name was Kassidy. She was always a good friend and she did something that I’ll always love her for. She did something that nobody else did; told me the truth.


It was Wednesday afternoon, right after school. My then boyfriend was at tennis practice, but he always texted me before, during, and after. Kassidy called out of the blue as always. We laughed and talked until a weird vibe settled over the conversation. Finally she asked, “I don’t know if you already know this or not, but if I was you I would want someone to tell me. So, here it goes. Your boyfriend goes to my school right?”


My voice quivered, “Yeah.” Then she sent me a picture to verify that it was him for sure and it was.


“He’s dating another girl at my school, they just started dating today.” Then she sent Instagram photos from the girl’s page, he didn’t have an instagram or any social media. Most of his friends, who I also thought were my friends, knew me and had hung with me and him on several occasions, but they were all cowards.


My heart was being gripped by his filthy hands and squeezed mercilessly until red blood oozed completely out and a damaged organ remained on the floor.

I looked at him and that girl. I think it’s always funny that the people others get cheated on with are peasants compared to the queen.

I calmly replied, “Thanks Kassidy I really appreciate that.” She said some other things, asked if I was ok, and then she had to go.


I could feel the pain radiating from somewhere deep inside me. All the love I had for you shattered. All that time you and I spent together obviously meant nothing to you. All the words you said were worthless and that was exactly how I felt. I’d given you so much of me. No, I hadn’t given you my virginity, but I had done other things. Then tears and rage boiled inside me and I couldn’t stand your existence. You just had to go.


Now a normal girl would call you angry and upset, but you weren’t the first guy that’d hurt me. I had already been there and done that. All my past lovers and friends who hurt me took a place on your face and exploded into the devil himself staring dead in the eyes.


Tennis practice was over and you texted me and called me by a nickname with love emojis. You said you missed me. I was so tempted to rip you to pieces, but I reminded myself that you would in fact be ripped apart, in time.


So I texted back, telling you I missed you too and I couldn’t wait to see you for your birthday.



I tried to find it. One reason that made you worth all the pain. One reason that would set you apart from all the other guys that’d broken my heart. I looked at our pictures, stared deep into your eyes hoping it would reveal a kind soul, that deep down under all the hurt you caused, maybe you were who I thought and everything that happened wasn’t real. So I lived in that lie, while I worked on my revenge.


Your birthday was quickly approaching and so was the summer. The work in our classes had been unbearable lately and you had many projects that were going to be due around the last day of school that would make the difference between whether or not you passed. Since it was your birthday, I told you I’d help with your work and decided to finish several of your projects. You were fond of this idea and put the fate of your passing in my claws. Oh what a stupid boy.


I started to feel an ounce of compassion and gave you a chance to confess. I gave you a hypothetical scenario while we were on Facetime.“So, I have a hypothetical question to ask you.”


“What’s up?” he asked.


“If I was interested in another guy and didn’t want to be with you anymore, you’d want me to give you the respect of telling you instead of cheating right?”


You paused, “Uh,” you fabricated, “Of course, but that’s never going to happen because you’re the only girl I’ve ever really loved and I’d never do that to you. So don’t even think like that.” Then you hit me with that smile and those eyes that wrapped up into that weird shape. I almost believed it myself, but it sealed your death certificate and I could see your body being rolled into the flames of the cremation. You’d reached the point that I couldn’t save you from and I wanted your blood. I wanted your blood so bad and I’d do anything to rip the world from your hands. Hey, I guess you could say desperate people do desperate things. I had my eyes on one thing. One thing I knew would hurt you from your head down to the tip of your toes. And he had a name, Braxton, better known as your best friend.


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