2nd Day of Fashion Camp (PART 2)

After lunch, we went back to the field house for the next speakers.

Charles Gooch

Charles Gooch

Charles Gooch is the head of leadership at IMG. Gooch did leadership building activities with us. He made us mingle with one another and get to know each other better. After rock paper scissors and other activities, he gave a presentation. He told us that fashion is a 2.4 trillion dollar business. Fashion grows by 5.5% annually. Fashion has a huge involvement in movies, sports, TV, and social media. Gooch believes that all parts of the fashion industry are equally as important. Gooch stated that in order to be successful in the fashion industry, one must hone in on their superpower. Gooch had a slideshow of all of our pictures that we took for our IMG lanyards and he edited them on superhero bodies (I looked a mess but it was funny). 

“What’s your superpower?”

-Charles Gooch

The picture he used to animate us all into superheroes

Gooch gave us cards. Each card had a different item on it. Some cards were a color and others had pictures on them. Gooch made us walk around the room and learn each other’s names. We sat back down after mingling, and he called the people with cards that had stars on them. Aylin, my roommate, had a star on her card. She was so nervous and did not want to go up. She begged me to go up for her. I tried to reassure her that it was ok but she was inconsolable. Gooch called, “I have one more star out there that needs to come.” The rest of the people with star cards were at the front waiting. I took Aylin’s card and went to the front. At this point I was so frazzled I could barely remember names. Gooch talked to me first, “Great,” I thought. He asked me to find the last people I met. I pointed out the people I remembered. They came up beside me. Gooch asked, “Now what are their names?”

“She’s from Hollywood and she’s from Michigan,” I said. They both nodded.

Gooch continued, “Ok so what are their names.”

“I don’t remember,” I said while I looked at Aylin the one who was supposed to be up there.


They said their names and then Gooch moved on to the rest of the people in the line. I was not quite embarrassed because I did a noble thing and helped a friend out, but I felt dumb.


Me pointing out the girls

Everyone standing sat down and Gooch continued with a speech. One of Gooch’s hero is his brother. Gooch needed a kidney transplant and his brother offered to give him one. Gooch’s brother was not a match. When Gooch’s brother found out he was not a match, he still gave his kidney to someone else. Gooch received a kidney from Cassie. Cassie passed away and her organs were donated. Cassie is Gooch’s hero.


Lol I’m sorry I forgot your names that day.

Gooch struggling to find a kidney was crazy to me. It is interesting how you never know what someone is going through. In life, we are bothered by so many things that do not really matter. I think it is important to be grateful for your health because it is never promised. 


We did an activity where we drew heroes with a group. We had to give our character a name, powers, vulnerability, and how they benefitted others. My team made Charles Gooch and gave him a big heart and big ears for listening. His weakness was being too nice. We all presented our superheroes. We took a picture with Gooch and then he left.

Our picture with Charles Gooch

Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue Smith entered the room and the girls were excited to see him. He was dressed like a hipster farmer. He wore jewelry and many rings. He said he got his jewelry from his friend’s company, Ellie Hallielie, (I might have spelled it wrong, I couldn’t find it. If anyone does, let me know) and the rest of his jewelry was from resale stores in Paris. Smith was interviewed by his manager Mimi

Mimi Yapor-Cox, Lucky Blue Smith’s Manager



Smith is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Smith’s family instilled values in him. His parents and his older sisters always taught him to be thankful. Even when he played sports, his parents would make him go shake the coach’s hand and say thank you. 


The interviewer asked, “How do you keep your cool in the madness of the fashion industry?” 


Smith responded, “I genuinely care, I love what I do. You have to take it serious… but also have an underlying… don’t take it so so serious.” He continued, “Everyone’s a human. They put their pants on the same way you do.” Smith emphasized, “Being excited, but being super chill at the same time.” 

“Everyone’s a human. They put their pants on the same way you do.”

-Lucky Blue Smith

Yapor-Cox reminisced, “I remember the first time I was at fashion week, he [Smith] called to give me a recap on his day… he said, ‘oh by the way, I had dinner with that girl, Anna,’ and I said ‘Anna Wintour?’ and he said, ‘Yeah with the cool hair,’ but it was always his way of being impressed by people, but not going over[board].”


“It can be really intimidating,” Smith added, “they’re just humans man, they’re chill.” 


“They’re just humans man, they’re chill.” 

-Lucky Blue Smith

Yapor-Cox continued, “You’ve always had a personal style, as exhibited today, how did that help get you scouted? And how has it evolved as you’ve grown up?”


Lucky Blue Smith

Smith responded, “When I was younger, I didn’t think about it as style. I just tried to be different from everybody at my school. I just tried to do my own thing. Where I’m from, everyone wore gym shorts and Nike socks. And like a Nike “just do it” t-shirt. That’s all they wore. I just didn’t like that. I was really into Rockin’ Billy, really 50’s style. I had the full-on Rockin’ Billy type deal going on. Pant cuffs, like 5 inches and wearing chucks.” 

“Mental notes”

-Lucky Blue Smith

Smith continued, “In the fashion industry you have the opportunity to be around amazing stylist. I’ve definitely gotten tips, keeping mental notes.” Smith stated, “I try to stay true to myself.” When it comes to fashion Smith believes it is important to “do your own thing.”


  “Do your own thing.”

-Lucky Blue Smith


Rockin Billy, An old Rock n Roll Band

Smith’s agent chimed in, “When lucky was 12 years old and scouted at our agency he had the combed hair. Actually, his sisters came down to be signed to our agency. And he was sitting in the lobby and he had massive style already. He had this little tank top on, 501’s perfect, cuffed. And he was combing his hair in the lobby and I thought it was awesome that a 12-year-old even owned a comb.” The audience laughed. 


“ I thought it was awesome that a 12-year-old even owned a comb.”

-Mimi Yapor-Cox

Yapor-Cox asked, “How did you get signed? What role does your agent and agency play for you?”


When Smith was 10, he lived in Utah. His sister was scouted. She had to go to a meeting to meet with agents on a Saturday. Smith was grounded and forced to tag along to the meeting with his mother and sister. A man took interest in Smith and encouraged him to come back when he was older. Smith was not interested in fashion, he would rather be with his friends. His sister was signed.


“You’re wack man.”

-Lucky Blue Smith

A few years passed, and Smith went on a road trip to Los Angeles with his family. His sisters went to be signed to a Los Angeles agency. He went into the agency with his sisters and got the attention of his present-day manager. He was signed and the rest is history. 


Smith’s agency helps him in many ways. Smith believes it is important for an agent to be like a best friend. Yapor-Cox became Smith’s best friend. As he became a model, Smith missed hanging with friends, but his agent, Mimi Yapor-Cox, was always there for him. He stated, “We would go get wings.” The audience burst out in laughter. 


“We would go get wings.” 

-Lucky Blue Smith


Agents also set wake up calls for their talent. Smith is a heavy sleeper. Yapor-Cox chimed in, “You’re just a really good sleeper.” 


Smith responded, “When I sleep, I sleep. OK?” Agents also introduce their talent to photographers to book them on jobs and connect them with clients. Smith described Yapor-Cox, “She’s a really good strategist.”


 “Thanks, Lucks,” Yapor-Cox responded. 


Each shoot differs Smith described, “It depends what photographer’s there shooting or the stylist. Some of them might be a little more serious. Or at least they’re putting that on.” Smith believes it is important to feel people’s energy. People on set can be in a good or bad mood but Smith believes it is important to find a person that makes you comfortable. The person may be a fellow model. Smith continued, “I really like finding that one person and being a buddy with them the whole day.” Smith advised, “The hairstylist and makeup artist, you become homies with them.” At a set, there is usually food then the talent goes straight to hair and makeup. Clients want different things on different sets. “You’ll do something you think they really like and they’ll just hate it and you’ll do something that’s random and they’re like ‘oh yes’ clapping in the background,” Smith spoke from experience. Smith believes every client is different and it is important to communicate with them to give them what they want. 


 “The hairstylist and makeup artist, you become homies with them.”


-Lucky Blue Smith


Yapor-Cox inquired, “As a model who’s walked the runway globally, how does the different casting work?”


A model can have from three to eleven casting calls a day. Smith stated, “It’s like how are you going to make it to all those? Cause some of them take so long.” If the model misses a call due to another call lasting a long time, the agent has to reschedule with the other castings. “You meet a lot of interesting people,” Smith reminisced. “It’s also a great place if you haven’t experienced rejection. It’s a convenient place to experience rejection,” Smith added. Smith learned how to handle rejection and ‘not take it so seriously.” “Once it’s done, wipe your hands and forget about it,” Smith advised, “forget it and move on.” 

“Forget it and move on.” 

-Lucky Blue Smith


Smith’s first casting was for Versace. Smith reminisced, “I was excited, I was like, ‘oh Versace. Let’s do this.’” The way the casting call is run depends on the designer. At Versace’s casting, in order to be cast, the models had to be approved by the assistant, then the designer. At Smiths first casting, he did not make it past the assistant. “They told me to dip,” he remembered. The next season, Smith tried out again and booked Versace. 


“They told me to dip,”

-Lucky Blue Smith


Yapor- Cox asked, “Do you have any do’s and don’ts for aspiring models?” 


Smith demanded,“Shake every single person’s hand on set.” Smith continued, “I’ve gotten booked on jobs, I’m pretty sure, by just saying thank you and being nice.” 


Everyone I met that week seemed to place huge importance on being kind. 


“It’s so simple to say thank you and appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given,” Smith advised. Smith’s parents instilled courtesy in him that he is grateful for. “Don’t be a diva,” Smith added. People on set deal with many divas and it is so important to be appreciative. Smith does not like people bringing him refreshments or waiting on him. When it comes to being waited on Smith stated, “Even just the small stuff, maybe do it yourself. Instead of having someone to get it for you.” 

“Don’t be a diva,”

-Lucky Blue Smith


“The vibes are so important in the shoot,” Yapor-Cox added.  


Smith agreed, “If you show up with a good positive energy and a nice vibe, that’ll translate to someone who’s not having a good vibe that day.”


Yapor-Cox shared, “From the agents perspective, like when we see someone and they bring that energy, that’s a start. That’s someone people want to work with over and over again. Also, you see all the other models up their game a little bit when that person’s onset.”


The agent asked Smith how he stays true to himself. 


Smith answered, “You really have to pay attention to your mental health.” Smith continued, “If at the end of the day, you’re starting to get affected and you’re having anxiety, take that day off.” Smith owes his sanity to his family and sisters who were “always there.” Smith’s daughter is an important part of his world. “And my daughter, every day I’m on set and when I go home to her, it’s the best thing in the world,” Smith stated. “It’s all about finding a balance,” he added.

“It’s all about finding a balance,”

-Lucky Blue Smith


The agent asked about Smith’s relationship with social media.


On social media, Smith always had a following. One time, he got the idea to invite his followers to a fashion show and to meet and greet with them afterward. “That was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done,” He reminisced. That invitation expanded his brand and caused a storm of press at the show. “The upside is you get to connect with so many people in this world that you would never connect with before,” he argued. Smith believes social media can cause mental health problems by creating an ego based on likes and comments. “There’s so much pressure,” he continued, “it can really affect your mental health.” 


The agent asked if Smith had any tips on developing one’s personal brand on social media.


Smith believes it is important to be yourlself. “There’s literally one you in this world,” he said. “You might have a twin that looks like you, but your personalities are different…Utilize that,” he demanded. 


“You are the Only you.” 

-Lucky Blue Smith


Yapor-Cox asked if Smith had a favorite photoshoot and fashion show?


“Yea, I got to go to Iceland with my sister Piper. One of the coolest places I’ve ever been. I shot with Annie Leibovitz with Moncler. We got in cars and just drove around a lot of the country. It’s just an insanely beautiful country,” Smith climbed mountains and had a wolf on his shoulder. Smith spoke highly of Leibovitz. 

Lucky Blue & his sister Piper Smith shooting with Annie Leibovitz in Iceland for Moncler.

Smith’s favorite show was Kavali. “I really loved my look,” he said.


His agent asked what is next for him?


Smith wants to continue modeling. “Relationships are very crucial and keeping up with your relationships,” Smith recommended. “I honestly can say I might have not done the best with that,” he criticized. Smith builds relationships with photographers.“If you’re working with a photographer try to go and get his or her number and go out to lunch… when you have a friendship, they’re going to think about you way more for jobs,” Smith stated. Smith’s next step is acting and he is working on a few films now. In the future, he wants to win an oscar.

“Relationships are very crucial and keeping up with your relationships.”

-Lucky Blue Smith


Q & A 


An aspiring actor asked Smith for some tips. 


“Read as much as you can,” Smith answered. He added, “Go for it.” 


Another person asked how to manage nerves. Smith believes the best ways to manage nerves is breathing and exercise.


Someone asked the manager what she looks for in a model. She responded, “Being magnetic.” The person needs to have a quality about them that makes them attractive. 


Another person asked if Smith was not doing modeling or acting, what would he do. Smith would either run track, play football, wrestle, or be a lawyer. 


Smith was asked on where his fashion inspiration comes from. Smith’s style comes from James Dean, Elvis Presley, and the 50’s era.


Smith was asked how he figured everything out. Smith figured it out “as he went.” Shaun Ross helped him with his walk and he would always take mental notes from people. 


Someone asked about tattoos and whether or not they were ok to have if they pursued a modeling career. Yapor-Cox, the agent, chimed in. She believes tattoos and hair dye can hold a model back. She has many male models that have tattoos that do very well. Once, she did a Lana Del Rey video where all of her male models specifically with tattoos were requested. Therefore, it is not impossible to be a model with tattoos. Yapor- Cox believes it all lies in one’s confidence.


One person asked about how to identify yourself in the modeling world. Smith responded that a mixture of modeling and “being a nice person” are important. Smith wants to take control of situations and be his own boss. He encouraged, “Think longterm.” 


Smith was asked on whether or not he would let his daughter become a model. Smith responded, “She can be whatever she wants to be, but I want her to have a normal life.” Smith placed an importance on his child having a “genuine childhood.” He believes the best time for her to be a model is when she turns eighteen and graduates high school. 


Someone asked how Smith deals with mental and physical obstacles. Smith uses his confidence to deal with mental challenges.


Smith was a very docile person and seemed to deal with anxiety issues. He looked extremely nervous and uncomfortable when speaking. Smith taught me that we are all human and no matter how rich or successful one gets, we all put on our pants the same way. 


A note to Lucky Blue Smith


You were really cool! I like your colloquialisms and the way you are unapologetically yourself. Being around you, is like hanging with a friend. I wish you nothing but the best and I look forward to seeing you win an oscar!

My group with Lucky Blue Smith

A Note to Charles Gooch,

Me with Charles Gooch

I enjoyed the activity we did. Thank you for sharing, your story put a lot of things in perspective. I really enjoyed hearing your values and I hope to emulate them. 

Later that day…


There was a sunset beach trip scheduled for that night, but everyone agreed they would rather hang out at the pool. All of the fashion girls met up at the pool. There was also a petting zoo outside of the dorms. Aylin and I stood at the petting zoo for thirty minutes, mesmerized by the rabbits. Eventually, we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool….


Continued Thursday!

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