Film History

Sasha C. Yates is a native Memphian Director. She has made 5 short films. Her latest film, Swerve, focused on the injustices of the public school system in the United States. Yates’ films focus on social justice and bringing awareness to those who are often under-represented.

Swerve was made in the summer of 2019. Swerve competed in the Indie Memphis film festival and Sundance. The film is still competing in other festivals at the moment.

Yates acquired actors through hosting her own casting call. All actors seen in the film attended a casting call and were chosen after an audition.

Each location seen in the film, Yates acquired permission for.

Yates also used local Memphian artist to supply her film with a score.

Swerve was made with no budget and every cost came from out of pocket.

Logline: In our society, one’s intelligence is defined by their performance in school. How far would you go to get a 4.0?

Here was the official poster for the casting call. These signs were hung all over Memphis.

Sasha 4 social media (1)

Here is some footage from the director speaking at the casting call.


Here is some of the auditions that were sent in.

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes…



More on the director…

Sasha Yates 2019 Headshots-1011 (2)

Director’s Statement: I made Swerve to bring to light the shortcomings of the American school system. The students are not to blame, they are a product of their environment which is meant to pin them against one another.